Jumping right in, Design Studio building products
Jumping right in!
Building 19 products by 2023
Project Showcase 05/19


A random sketch prompt paying homage to 90's Cartoons.


Where We Sweat

A fitness apparel Pop Up Shop supporting the CrossFit Open


Best Web Digest

Best Web Digest is a weekly newsletter showcasing beautiful web design.


More about the site

Projekt19 is a self-started kick in the pants to create! Call it a startup studio, product studio, indie hacking incubator - it doesn’t matter.

By 2023 it will house 19 products!!

I don’t know what that is going to look like. It could span from a simple web app to digital goods - I'm not limiting the possibilities! Heck it could even include an acquisition!

  • Building in Public - Yes it’s trendy so follow here and here!
  • NoCode - Likely, you're standing on webflow right now!
  • Solo Venture - Not set on it, love collaborating. If anyone wants to join in! Ping me!
  • Monetization - As I said the money isn't the first priority but it will likely be a key part of a few products.

What I am most looking forward to!

Having the space to be creative while learning is really exciting for me. The internet world seems so different then it was a decade ago, I have a lot to learn! That said I think the most exciting thing I am looking forward to is connecting with other creators like me that have had similar stories - I know you're out there!

- Chad Mueller